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UNI Green Series

Children outgrow the uniforms quickly, causing large number of uniforms being disposed every year. Design of “UNI Green Series” aims to extend the value of old uniforms, produce iconic and memorable souvenirs for schools, and at the same time enhance schools’ reputation.

UNI Green Series is a series of souvenirs made of old uniform. The products include UNI Bear (i.e. a bear wearing old uniform that is resized with our crafting capability to fit the bear), pencil bag, tote bag, pouch shoulder bag, fisherman's hat, and cushion etc. 

UNI Green School Program

The program helps repurpose old uniform to unique souvenirs. The schools joining the program will first collect the old uniforms and let other parents take them. For the uniforms that are of poor quality or are not taken by the parents will be upcycled and repurposed as school souvenirs or to be used in the upcycling workshop. We promote inclusive economy by hiring housewives and elderly to assist in the garment work and upcycling workshops.

Corporate Solutions

The Program fosters brand collaboration on sustainable fashion, including recycling and upcycling aged inventories from fashion brands, recycling and upcycling corporate uniforms to corporate souvenirs. The Program also brings sustainability education such as upcycling workshops to the customers and/or the staff of the corporations. 

Empowered Elderly Empower Change

The textile industry used to be a major industry in Hong Kong, the industry employed about 40% of manufacturing workers during 1970s to 1980s. 

However, Hong Kong’s textile industry is not as good as it was in the past. Most of the former textile workers have now retired or were forced to retire early because of the reduction in the number of jobs.

Dress Green promotes inclusive economy by hiring these retired garment workers. By assisting in educational activities and producing products, the elderly can not only make good use of their strengths, but can also regain their self-confidence and bring fun to their retirement life.



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