Why launch UNI Green?

The textile industry is the second largest source of pollution in the world. The carbon dioxide emitted each year for producing uniforms for Hong Kong students is equivalent to that of a car traveling 1,200 times around the earth, and the water used in the process is enough for all Hong Kong citizens to drink for 3 years. 

Children outgrow the uniforms quickly, causing large number of uniforms being disposed every year. Design of “UNI Green Series” aims to extend the value of old uniforms, produce iconic and memorable souvenirs for schools, and at the same time enhance schools’ reputation.

UNI Green Series is a series of souvenirs made of old uniform. The products include UNI Bear (i.e. a bear wearing old uniform that is resized with our crafting capability to fit the bear), pencil bag, tote bag, pouch shoulder bag, fisherman's hat, and cushion etc. 

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Who make your souvenirs?

Textile industry was used to be one of the major industries in Hong Kong. The industry employed about 40% of the manufacturing workers during 1970s to 1980s. 

However, due to economic transformation, the textile manufacturing industry is not as prosperous as before. Most of the former textile workers have now retired or were forced to retire early because of the reduction in the number of jobs in the industry. 

To promote inclusive economy, we partner with YWCA to hire these retired garment workers. By assisting in the upcycling process, not only can the elderly leverage their interests and strengths, but they can also regain their self-confidence and bring fun to their retirement life alongside doing good to the society. 

How Does it Work?

Products Preview

School Uniform@UNI Bear

Tee Shirt@UNI Bear

Polo@UNI Bear

Shirt@UNI Bear

Suit@UNI Bear

Doctor@UNI Bear

Chief@UNI Bear

Waiter@UNI Bear

Handheld Bag@Bags

Vest Bag@Bags

Shoulder Bag@Bags

Drawstring Bag@Bags

Back Pack@Bags

Pencil/ Makeup Bag@Bags

Pouch Bag@Bags

Drink Coaster@Household

Cushion Cover@Household

Cutlery Set@Household

Rubber Band​@Accessories


Fisherman Hat​@Accessories

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