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Together, We Renew the Unnew

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world just after the oil industry. The production of uniforms for HK students each year emitted CO2 equivalent to a car travelling 1,200 times around the Earth and wasted 3 years of drinking water for all people in Hong Kong.


To raise awareness of sustainable fashion among parents and students, we organize an array of educational activities, including seminars, exhibitions, visits, workshops and market-places for pre-loved clothes. Under a relaxing atmosphere, students can learn about sus-tainable fashion, reflect on sustainability issues with reference to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and rethink and reshape the value of used clothing. Applications for the activities are open all year round.


Note: The school can choose to participate in a series of activities / any specific activity.

“UNI” stands for Uniform and Unique. The program helps repurpose old uniform to unique souvenirs. The schools joining the program will first collect the old uniforms and let other parents take them. For the uniforms that are of poor quality or are not taken by the parents will be upcycled and repurposed as school souvenirs or to be used in the upcycling workshop. We promote inclusive economy by hiring housewives and elderly to assist in the garment work and upcycling workshops.

Program Benefits


Beneficiaries are elderly garment workers and low-income families having children. 


Students can reflect on the pollution problem caused by the textile industry when they experience collecting and sorting piles of unwanted clothes. Students can be equipped with the mindset to extend or enhance the value of used products. 

Elderly garment worker 

Elderly feel loss of identity and personal value, and feel boredom and loneliness after their retirement. Some of the elderlies were laid-off during the pandemic and are still seeking jobs to earn a living. 

Our program creates job opportunities for the elderly such that they will regain a sense of personal value and confidence by utilizing their skill sets and strength (i.e. knowledge on garment and sewing skills), and promote social inclusion and cross-generation interaction. 

Low-income families having children 

In respect of low-income families, multiple sets of school uniforms (including summer, winter, and sportswear) need to be bought at least once every one to two years for kindergarten to junior secondary schools. The families can save their expenditure on buying uniforms as they can take up pre-loved uniforms from the program.

Past Works

Design and Production of 50th anniversary bear @Holy Cross Lutheran School

Wallet Workshop

@Holy Cross Lutheran School

Tote Bag  Workshop

@Baptist Rainbow Primary School

Fishman Hat Workshop 

@Cheung Cheuk Shan College


@Cheung Cheuk Shan College

Hello Founders X YWCA 

@Ying Wa College

Bowtie Workshop

@Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

Hello Founders 

@Lock Tao Secondary School

Drawstring Bag Workshop 

@Hong Kong Baptist University

Hello Founders 

@Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hello Founders 

@Gratia Christian College

Our Thanks

We are glad to be the partner of the following schools on the sustainability journey 💚