Our Story

Our social innovation begins from... 

"Textile industry is the second largest pollution in the world."

Founded in 2021, Dress Green is an innovative social design enterprise that promotes sustainable development by educating and connecting organisations and communities to reduce, recycle and repurpose fashion waste. 

The story of Dress Green begins from the day Emma received hundreds pieces of unwanted clothes from her friend whose aunt works in a fashion factory. 

The co-founders, Emma and Victor consider there are some problems in the fashion ecosystem. They then perform research to identify ways to complement the fashion ecosystem. Throughout the brainstorming and researching on different ways of recycling, they had several findings:

1️⃣ Reducing fashion waste by responsible consumption is the most effective way to reduce pollution, comparing to recycling and upcycling. This is the reason education is important.

2️⃣ Uniforms cannot be recycled through "Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme" and second-hand clotheing shops. There is hence limited channels to extend the life of the uniforms.

3️⃣ 50% of the grassroot families only has one set of uniforms for their children. There shall be some channels to support grassroot families on uniform expenditure.

With these causes, Emma and Victor developed the first initative - UNI Green Education Program, the first platform that connects schools and elderly garment workers to repurpose old school uniforms.

Afterwards, Dress Green has also launched different programs to promote sustainable fashion, including Corporate Sustainability Partnership Program, UNI Green Academy, EverGreen Upcycling DIY pack, etc.

Our Mission, Vision and Values​


We promote sustainable development by :

Designing sustainable products and services

Repurposing waste into resources

Empowering individuals and communities


To be the leading change maker on driving sustainability through creativity


We embrace Empathy, in which we understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine ourselves in their place.

We embrace Togetherness, in which we value diversity, respect each other, and draw strengths from our differences.

We embrace Equity, in which we avoid the action of one generation compromising the well-being of the next generation, avoid the action of one place compromising the livelihood of another place, and avoid the action of humanity compromising the beauty of nature.

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